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Fair Marketing is one of the best known company in the field of optics in Israel.

Since the company was founded in 1986, it has acquired extensive experience in the import and marketing of international brands such as: ESSEDUE,NATHALIE BLANC,TREBOSS, BYBLOS, BLOOMDALE, GENNY, JUST, and GIPSY. For most of these brands, Fair Marketing has the exclusivity for the Israeli market.

We strive to offer our customers a wide and varied choice of products while bringing them the best solutions in practical as well as in fashion matters and this, while maintaining our reputation, built during the past 30 years, for bringing only the highest quality products.

We are always searching for new brands that answer our customer's demands, needs and requirements. Fair Marketing is well established not only in Israel but also internationally.

We sell some of our brands worldwide and we participate in large International Optics Exhibitions such as SILMO (Paris), OPTIC (Munich) and MIDO (Milan). We have extensive experience in successfully introducing new brands, reaching consumers and building brand value.